Appeals to the Asylum & Immigration Tribunal

The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal is the successor to the Immigration Appellate Authority and the Immigration Appeals Tribunal. The Tribunal was set up under the Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants etc) Act 2004 and came into being on 4th April 2005. The purpose of the Tribunal is to hear and decide appeals against decisions made by the Home Office in matters of asylum, immigration and nationality.

Reported determinations receive a neutral citation number of the form [2003] UKIAT 00001. They are anonymised and are to be cited by the neutral citation number.


Starred determinations (indicated as such with STARRED being the first word in the title of the determination) have a special status. They are to be treated as binding by all immigration judges and the Tribunal unless inconsistent with authority binding on the Appellate Authorities. The inclusion of a determination on this list does not indicate that it is still good law.

Stepstones Visas Limited are specialist in advising and representing those whose applications for entry or leave extension have been refused and have appeal rights to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal and up to the High Court for reviews.



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41% of all in-country visa applications in the UK are refused.

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