Educational Institutions:

Consequences of Failing to Obtain a Licence

Your Educational Institution should be preparing now to ensure that it can succesfully obtain a licence. The separate accreditation process needs to be done prior to the Sponsor Register. Failure to be ready will lead to unnecessary delays whilst systems are brought up to scratch, which could damage your business.


If an Educational Institution fails to apply for a license or if the application is refused, they will not legally be able to bring in non-EEA student to study.

Consequences of Losing a Licence

If a sponsor loses a licence they will lose any no-EEA students obtained under the licence. They may also face a difficult task convincing the UK Borders Agency to approve any future application.


Specialist advice from Talk Visa Limited can help Educational Institutions to avoid key pitfalls and guide them through the Application and Compliance process to sucessfully secure a licence as an A rated sponsor

How to Apply for a Sponsor Licence

An application for a License must be made to UKBA. However, with the grant of a License comes tough new ‘Sponsor Duties'. UKBA will not grant a License unless it is satisfied that a Prospective Sponsor has adequate systems in place to meet these Duties throughout the term of the License.

Sponsor Duties include;

  • Extensive record keeping on students
  • Extensive reporting obligations to UKBA on student's changes of circumstances
  • Extensive duty to cooperate fully with UKBA on all issues relating to such students

UKBA has extensive powers to ensure Compliance. It can:

  • Thoroughly investigate a Prospective Sponsors background for any past breaches of Immigration law
  • Conduct on-site Compliance Visits
  • Demand extensive disclosure of information and carry out check with various other bodies, (e.g. HMRC, CSCI, NARIC, DFES and Health & Safety Executive).

UKBA can refuse to grant a License if it is not satisfied that a Prospective Sponsor will be able to meet its Compliance responsibilities.

How can Stepstones Visas Limited Help?

Stepstones Visas Limited is an OISC regulated provider of quality specialist advice and representation in the field of Immigration and Managed Migration. We specialise in work permits, sponsorship register compliance, entry clearance work, and appeals to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. We are also specialist in advising educational institutions on compliance with their obligations under the immigration laws of the United Kingdom.


What Services do Stepstones Visas Limited Offer?

Stepstones Visas Limited offers three stages in the compliance work for sponsors.

  • The first stage is to identify and resolve any current non-compliance issue for example any current or past breaches by the sponsor.
  • Second, help to put in place procedures, which satisfy the UK Borders Agency and assist the Prospective Sponsors to apply for a licence or if the application is refused advise the rectification process.
  • Thirdly, we can be retained to help ensure continuous compliance throughout the life of the licence

Stepstones Visas Limited can point you in the right direction to obtain the initial accreditation to be recognized as "a bona fide educational institution accredited by a recognised body". Our Specialist Advice can then help to ensure that as prospective sponsors you avoid the key pitfalls as we guide you through the Application and Compliance process to successfully secure a License as an A Rated Sponsor

Stepstones Visas Limited has unique affiliate relationships with other approved Peer organisations. This enables us to offer a "one-stop shop" service, through an active referral network which will benefit our clients.

For example, we are able to source workers for Employers, or students for Educational Institutions. And we can refer individuals from outside the EEA to either our Recruitment or Student Agencies.



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